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  • We equipped a new hall DOX+!

    Listen to the interview with architect Petr Hájek and our sound engineer Martin Vondrášek about this unique project.
  • We built the world's largest periscope

    The Water Tower at Letná has been completely reconstructed and now has a periscope, thanks to which it again has a view of the surroundings.
  • We designed classroom equipment at MUNI

    At Masaryk University in Brno, we designed new classroom equipment and installed room acoustic elements.
  • We have built a unique VIDEO WALL. How? See for yourself!

    The supermodern office building MSD Five has grown in Smíchov, Prague and as such it deserves top-quality AV equipment. And that’s exactly what we’ve designed and installed. See for yourself.

What do we do?

We are pros in AV technologies, acoustics and electroacoustics!

what all can we do?

The best ones work in our company and they have certificates to prove it
Chartered experts with many years of experience and certifications form the core of our team.
We'll debate, figure it out, deliver, dispose of
We will take care of you from design to integration, including service and disposal of outdated equipment.
We can do everything from a doghouse to a space rocket
Our team have schools, theaters, offices, stadiums and specialized laboratories in repertoire.

Look at Our Latest References

Because actions are more powerful than words.

Who Do We Work For?

Thanks to our years of proven experience, engaging in interesting projects and customer care, major companies and institutions are not afraid to hire us.
  • AVT Group impressed me with their professional approach with a human face! It is something that you also need during designing of AV projects. I appreciate their insight and finding the optimal solution for each part of the project. I admire that they can find a solution that is simple and functional at the same time! Which is something that does not happen often. Simply put, full satisfaction from initial design to implementation.
    Ing. Petr Herold
     - Head of Audiovisual Support Center - CULS Prague
  • AVT Group is a company with a charismatic CEO, educated designers, capable and experienced technicians, that is characterized by fast, responsive and straightforward communication, a fast and high-quality design, a fast and precise delivery. Regarding the care of installation after delivery, the company has significant reserves, but after making use of them, it will be one of exceptional contractors in this line of business. Overall impression: you get high-quality standard services, but with the feeling that you get above-standard.
    Mgr. Daniel Mikšík
     - Head of ICT Center - Faculty of Arts, MU
  • Thank you for renting us the projector, that device is great! Even in partly darkened room, the picture had high contrast and brightness and colors were true. Not to mention sharpness and resolution.
    Dental Clinic Prague 3DK
The AVT Group a.s. was founded in 2013. Since the very beginning we have been following a clear vision - offering highly qualified services in the field of audiovisual technologies and room acoustic. Our team is consisted of many certified experts who have been working in this field since the turn of the millennium.


V Lomech 2376/10a
149 00 Praha 4 Chodov
Metro Opatov
Czech Republic

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