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Do you want to measure acoustics of a room or do you want to improve the acoustics of a hall? Rely on our professional acousticians with many years of experience.

Measurement of Room Acoustics

Room acoustics is defined by sound reflection. So, it depends not only on the segmentation of the space, but also on the type of surfaces. While smooth, flat surfaces reflect sound, coarse to porous ones absorb it. Measurement of room acoustics is usually performed using a special omnidirectional loudspeaker and a measuring microphone.

Acoustics of a Hall

Perfect listening and perfect acoustics are important to think about during the actual construction. There are downright unsuitable proportions and arrangement of the floor, walls and ceilings. How much sound it will be absorbed also depends on the building material that is used. The acoustics of the halls is less affected by the furniture and its material. In order to be the resulting sound as good as possible and audible in all parts of the room, it is necessary to take into consideration all these elements. Sound experts will design suitable shape and material solutions as well as find out where to place the speaker systems.

If you need to solve out acoustics of smaller rooms or larger halls, please contact us. We provide acoustic measurements and design the most suitable solution. Our team consists of experts with many years of experience and for our clients we provide sound systems into spaces from small meeting rooms to large social halls. We will be pleased to advice you.

And where have we solved the acoustics?

The AVT Group a.s. was founded in 2013. Since the very beginning we have been following a clear vision - offering highly qualified services in the field of audiovisual technologies and room acoustics. Our team consists of many certified experts who have been working in this field since the turn of the millennium.

Since 2014 we have been certified QMS ISO 9001 from the renowned Quality Austria company.


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