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Camera System of Brno City Municipality


Management of the Brno City Municipality has decided to improve the quality of live broadcasts from their meetings which can be watched on the internet. In order to that, it was necessary to modernize the existing analog camera system to digital one. Not only that the old camera system had small resolution, but even sensitivity at lower levels of room illumination and positions of cameras were unsatisfying, because they were too high and therefore did not allow optimal view of the peoples’ faces.


What was part of our project?

  • Existing analog cameras were replaced by fully robotic cameras in the “broadcast” standard (designed for TV broadcasts).
  • We have designed detachable consoles for cameras without compromising the listed interior.
  • In the control room, we have designed modern mixing console for easy control of the required video output for both the streaming server and the preview system and for recording.

Technical Specification

For the transmission of FullHD video signal from cameras to a digital production switcher3G HD-SDI transmission system (SMPTE 424M standard) was selected. A coaxial metallic cable with low attenuation was chosen as the transfer medium.

Control signals are transmitted via data shielded cabling by the VISCA protocol which are send from the control panel to the cameras. The DC power is transmitted to the cameras by a two-wire power cord connected to power adapters that are located in a rack at the control room.

Former image sources are connected to converters which ensure that the original analog and digital video signals are adapted to the newly designed production switcher. The system has been expanded with a presentation option from any video source possessing VGA output signal (RGB, YPbPr) + audio, HDMI or DisplayPort.


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