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CAMP – Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning


Prague Institute of Planning and Developement has launched a unique project – CAMP (Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning). Is is a information center which main part is a modern multifuntional hall where Prague territorial developement is presented and discussed. For this purpose, a exhibition hall with a unique large-scale projection, a modern lecture hall, a meeting room and other associated spaces are used. We have taken care of the room acoustics and sound system of these spaces. We have also designed and implemented media system.


Large-screen projection powered by the best media server on the market

In the CAMP exhition hall, a unique interactive projection on 25meter wide wall takes place. We have integrated d3 4×2pro media server that takes care of image blending from three projectors. This server allows video and 3D objects rendering in real-time and projections with very high resolution.

The same hardware are using world-renowned theaters, video mapping creators and music stars on their shows.


How have we solved room acoustics and sound system?

  • We have designed an even distribution of acoustic elements in the space to avoid unwanted sound reflections such as echo or flutter echo, and, on the contrary, to produce the desired sound reflections, especially if is the sound source is a person.
  • We have designed ceiling tiles from two types of acoustic absorbers for absorption of different freqencies.
  • All acoustic elements have been designed in accordance with the interior design.
  • The sound system of the lecture hall is solved using loudspeakers with a narrow coverage which minimizes the interference of the main exhibition hall (the sound is directed straight to the viewers).

Technical Specification

Media System

The core of the whole media system is d3 4×2pro media server from d3 technologies (now disguise). It allows video and 3D objects rendering in real-time and projections with very high resolution. For the presentational hall, there is installed professional modular Oppo Blu-ray Transport player with HDBaseT and 7.1 channel audio.

AV signal distribution is managed by Extron DXP 44 HD 4K matrix switcher with 4 HDMI outputs and inputs. There are also installed two Extron HDMI 4K 230 Rx DTP receivers for HDMI.

Sound System

For the exhibition hall, we have designed and integrated a sound system of four JBL Control 67 HC/T high ceiling pendand speakers. Thanks to the narrow 75° coverage, they are ideal for improved voice intelligibility and musical clarity in this room. In the lecture hall, where auditorium with elevated stands is located, is installed 7.1 sound system. It consist of JBL Control CRV two-way loudspeakers and a JBL Control SB-2 subwoofer.

The control part of the audio system is a modular audio signal processor BSS BLU-100 with output and input extenders. It is configurable and allows user to set zones. For switching among them and volume control, we have equipped the hall with two external wall controllers (via Ethernet).

The source of the audio signal can be either a laptop (a two input cable access points with Extron DTP transmitters for a high-quality signal transmission over long distance) or six  Sennheiser handheld wireless microphone transmitters. Connecting the inputs and individual sound zones can be done in the audio processor.

The AVT Group a.s. was founded in 2013. Since the very beginning we have been following a clear vision - offering highly qualified services in the field of audiovisual technologies and room acoustic. Our team is consisted of many certified experts who have been working in this field since the turn of the millennium.


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