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Moving a company to another location is usually preceded by several reasons. It can be a lack of workplaces, providing more attractive accessibility, or improvement of communication options. For Dimension Data, the latter reason was one of the most important reasons for changing offices. Thanks to the new spaces, anyone in the company can communicate with anyone, anytime.

New offices are located in the Main Point Pankrác building built on a ground plan of five rounded triangles. Meeting and conferencing rooms, including common and relaxation zones, are equipped with modern AV equipment according to our design that greatly facilitates and speeds up communication efficiency.


Video conference system and flip chart all in one

Způsob práce se mění a tomu je třeba přizpůsobit i pracovní prostředí. Nové prostory jsou uzpůsobeny jak pro spolupráci v týmech, individuální práci v klidu, tak pro načerpání nových sil při odpočinku. V zasedacích místnostech jsme dle velikosti nainstalovali buď velkoformátové monitory, projekční techniku nebo videokonferenční systémy Cisco Webex Board (dříve známé jako Cisco Spark Board), případně jejich kombinaci.

  • Moder all-in-one conference systems Cisco Webex Board have capacitive touchscreens.
  • They can be used as flip charts (whiteboards), they are designed for manual presentation, image manipulation and drawing.
  • System has 4K resolution and integrated 4K camera, microphone array and speakers.
  • Thanks to easy control and connection with cloud apps, it saves time and speeds up the meetings.

Welcome zone with LED wall

It is important to make a good first impression at clients. And for a company which businness is about technologies, there’s no better way than do it with technologies. Therefore, in the welcome zone, just across the reception office, we have integrated LED screens into the wall.

  • The LED wall has dimensions of 2.88 × 1.6 meters.
  • Thanks to high brightness, the image is clear and readable even in daylight.
  • LED shows corporate ads and other company information.

Technical specification

Meeting rooms

Rooms are equipped with large-format displays, projectors with screens or Cisco Webex Board video conferencing systems, or combination of those.

Two meeting rooms are separated by a mobile partition, they can create one large room if needed. Both rooms are equipped with Cisco Webex Boards. In one of those room, we have installed two frame projection screens with two projectors. In the suspended ceiling, Extron SF 26CT two-way speaker is built-in. Connection of external devices is possible via Barco CSE-200 wireless presentation system.

Presentation and relaxion room

There is an installed projector with electric screen and sound is provided by a Extron SF 26 CT two-way ceiling speaker. For speakers, there is available Sennheiser EW135 wirelless microphone system.

Rack equipment:
two channel amplifier Extron XPA 1002 – 100V
digital matrix audio processor Extron DMP 64
internet audio player Audac ISP40
media player and recorder Audac MSP40

Welcome zone

In the welcome zone, right across the reception office, there is installed LED wall with dimensions of 2.88 × 1.6 meters. It is made by SMD technology with 2.5 mm LED pitch.

information system

Among sections of the building, there are installed Samsung DB55E professional displays used as an information and navigation system. Another display is installed in the relaxation zone with kitchen where is also Extron SF 26CT speaker in the suspended ceiling.


The AVT Group a.s. was founded in 2013. Since the very beginning we have been following a clear vision - offering highly qualified services in the field of audiovisual technologies and room acoustic. Our team is consisted of many certified experts who have been working in this field since the turn of the millennium.


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